Alpine Summit, Medical Billing
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Medical Billing
Location: Casa Grande, Arizona

"I've been with VersaForm from day one and I'm very happy with it. You've been ahead of the game."

"I like the whole system. It's user friendly."

Alpine Summit: The Right People for a Big Job

The staff at Alpine Summit are no strangers to complex bureaucracy. Just ask their CEO, CJ Huffman who previously worked for Medicare. In business in Arizona for fifteen years, she's had experience managing claims for doctors of all types worldwide, as well as for a hospital system in Casa Grande. She currently has 8 independently practicing doctors on contract, and helps relocate specialists to serve her local community.

VersaForm: The Support Behind a Winning Team

When she's not working, CJ likes to explore the great outdoors with her husband, her kids, and her dogs, but finding time to spend with her family is difficult due to the sheer volume of claims she handles. That's why VersaForm's ease of use and call anytime technical support are so important to her. "I've been with VersaForm from day one and I'm very happy with it," she explains. "The other guys' tech support sucks, but your tech support has really helped me. John and Deb have been great. You guys are always there for me."

High Praise from a Reimbursement Expert

Because she uses VersaForm, CJ can rest assured that her software will keep pace with the constant barrage of changes that can make dealing with a variety payers such a hassle. "You've been ahead of the game. You've been more ahead of the game than Medicare, I can tell you that. I've been really, really, happy."

The Key Point

VersaForm helps CJ spend more time enjoying Arizona's wide open spaces with the people she cares about.