Practice Management
    Versaform Systems Corporation is part of the VSS Medical Group

Medical Practice Management

Designed for use by independent physicians, small to mid-size group practices and third-party billing companies, the VersaForm practice management solution automates patient billing and insurance claims processing. By automating patient accounting and billing and insurance claims to Medicare, other payers, and medical clearing houses, staffers will be able to handle more patients with greater accuracy and speed, resulting in optimized revenue cycle management and cash flow. Standard features of the practice management system include:

  • Charge1Charges/Statements - Entering procedure and ICD9 codes is easy to do and will automatically update ledgers. Insurance claims can be transmitted electronically via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and can be tracked from submission to payment along with authorizations and collections. Statements can be printed, along with delay and cycle billing, and computed interest.  And an authorizations feature allows you to keep a record of how many authorized treatments have been performed.


  • EOBExplanation of Benefits (EOB) EDI/ERA - Claims can be transmitted electronically or sent on paper CMS 1500 forms. The built-in EDI utility means claims are processed faster and are more accurate, resulting in faster claims processing, fewer denied claims, and improved revenue cycle management and cash flow. And with the downloadable Electronic Remittance Advice file, you can seamlessly post payments and adjustments to the appropriate patient ledgers, and access reasons for denial in the HIPAA-compliant 835 format.


  • Scheduler2Appointment Scheduler - Allows for quick registering of new patients and for staffers to instantly check future appointments by both resource and by time slot. The optional Appointment Reminders feature calls patients prior to their appointments, which has been proven to reduce no–shows and cancellations, and reduces overall labor costs. And an optional feature automatically checks and ensures that patient insurance eligibility for their visits.
  • Letters & Reports - VersaForm has easy to use patient form letters and labels, and many reporting functions. Form letters for patients, recalls and collections can be customized to your practice and can be sent to pre-defined lists of recipients. And the powerful reporting functions allow you to “slice and dice” and filter practice management data to, for example, analyze A/R and collections, unpaid charges by processing stage, patient histories, and a wealth of other reports.